Personalized Training Plans

Training plans made for you! My goal is to help you reach your running/triathlon goals. Training plan will be updated weekly via TrainingPeaks, with ability to contact me about any run/training questions you may have!

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Bottom Up Approach

Coaching is not only focused on adding miles of running to your weekly plans. The body is vulnerable to injury without the proper muscles firing and proper movement in key areas. Through this coaching you will learn the importance of foot strength/ mobility, hip mobility/strength, and overall posture.

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Prana is also referred to as the breath of life. Our bodies can go ~21 days without food, ~3 days without water. However, with breathing we can go ~5 minutes without breathing. In other words, proper breathing is essential for the body to function at optimal state.

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$120/a month

  • Triathlon/Running training plan updated weekly via training peaks that is molded to your specific training goals and schedule.
  • Unlimited message access to my phone for any training questions + ability to schedule zoom calls.
  • Oxygen Advantage Certified Techniques to optimize your breathing inside and outside of training.

Run for Prana Coaching